The town of Springbok, established as Springbokfontein in 1862, has been and always will be synonymous with Namaqualand. When the name of Springbok is mentioned, what springs to mind are the endless fields of wild desert flowers which appear as if by magic, every year during August and September. Tourists from far and wide descend upon this bustling little Northern Cape town for this annual event to take advantage of nature's own "Annual Flower Spectacular".

With so much to see and do in and around Springbok, it would be unjust to visit this fascinating town for its flowers alone.

Springbok is steeped in a mining history of days when prospectors descended upon the town in the hope of discovering persistently illusive treasure. The town owes its very existence to the early prospectors who toiled tirelessly to unearth the ground's bountiful mineral deposits amongst which, copper was the most significant. When visiting Springbok, be sure to visit Van Der Stel's copper mine (3km south of the Carolusberg), the Blue Mine, the Namaqualand Museum and Nababeep's Mining museum (11kms west of Springbok) with displays of equipment used by the early miners and prospectors.

Being the flower capital of Namaqualand, not to be missed are the magnificent reserves established for the protection of the area's prolific wealth of flora and fauna. There's the Skilpad Wildflower Reserve which, because of its close proximity to the West Coast, receives a higher rainfall than other areas, thus the abundance of flora in this beautiful park.

The Goegap Nature Reserve(15kms east of Springbok on the road to Poffadder) with its granite peaks and sandy plains offers a wealth of succulents, abundant bird life and approximately 45 mammal species.

Approximately 230 km North West of Springbok, lies the awsome Richtersveld National Park. As a result of the terrain's rocky and mountainous nature, the park is only accessible to 4x4 and other high clearance vehicles. A limited number of vehicles are permitted entrance to the park at a time in order to preserve the natural and fragile landscape and ecosystem of this miracle of nature.

There are several guided walking trails, mountain bike trails, scenic drives and four wheel drive trails to choose from in the area. Further information is available from your information desk at Mountain View Guest House. Maggie Cornelissen will gladly assist you in making arrangements for any of the activities mentioned above.

Choose from several interesting restaurants and eateries in this bustling town. No matter the time of year, you are bound to meet several interesting people from all corners of the world as you explore this town's restaurants and tourist attractions. Springbok has become a popular stopover for tourists travelling between Namibia and Cape Town as it offers a wealth of activities, tourist attractions and of course the legendary hospitality of the Northern Cape folk.

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